5 tips for making your portfolio and portfolio review look professional

  • May 9, 2021

Sample study skills portfolios can be a real pain to design, but they’re a great way to make a portfolio that looks professional, says Dr. D.L. Rupprecht.

Dr. Rennert, associate professor of clinical nursing and director of the Nursing Career Development Program at Vanderbilt University, has spent the past few years helping nursing students create professional-looking portfolios.

In an interview with the Journal of Nursing & Health, Dr. Ripprecht shares five skills that she uses in her portfolio review:Make sure your portfolio is easy to read.

If you’re creating a portfolio for yourself, make sure it’s easy to understand, with a simple table of contents.

It will help your students understand the contents of your portfolio.

Dr Rippweilers tips:Avoid using jargon.

For example, you may have to spell out a word, such as “lungs,” to be able to understand what the word means.

Also, don’t overdo it with language, as the majority of students use a language like Spanish, French, German or Russian when reviewing portfolios.

Don’t use keywords in your portfolio, unless they are very specific to the area of practice.

For example, don’ t include a doctor name, because a nurse could be using a specific term for someone else.

Instead, use keywords that can be interpreted in different contexts, like “clinical nurses,” “clinical research,” “research assistants,” or “clinical technologists.”

Dr Ruppretts tips:Be clear and concise.

Dr Rick Ruppresetts tips :Use keywords to convey your expertise.

For instance, in my portfolio, I include a line that reads, “I am a physician and am working on the intersection of infectious disease and prevention.”

This is the kind of thing you can say when talking about someone in a clinical setting.

Be specific.

Dr Rupprets tips:When reviewing your portfolio make sure you are giving specific examples.

This is because you will be talking to patients who have different types of illnesses, and you will need to know how to communicate with them.

Avoid making a list of topics.

Dr D. Riddell’s tips:The only way to truly communicate effectively is to present a portfolio in its entirety.

This means that your portfolio includes all of your clinical experience.

The more of it you have, the more relevant your portfolio becomes.

Use descriptive language.

Dr Chris Riddells tips:It is very important to use descriptive language, which can be tricky to find on your portfolio because it’s very difficult to write a descriptive description.

Dr. Rick Riddolls tips:Instead of using an overly long description, try to use simple sentences that describe your expertise and what you do.

Dr Mark Riddolls tips:Try to use keywords to make the portfolio easy to scan.

If your keywords are too strong, they may not be useful.

For this reason, Dr Riddelts tips makes sure you include a keyword-rich description at the end of your words.

Make sure you use relevant keywords.

Dr Mike Riddels tips:To get the most out of your keywords, you can either use the keyword, or create a keyword that is relevant to your specialty and can be used in multiple fields.

For the sake of clarity, you should also include a reference to a peer-reviewed journal, a reference section of your website, and a section that links to your portfolio on LinkedIn.

Dr Paul Ridds tips :When it comes to keywords, Dr Rick Riddlets tips is helpful.

He suggests that you use the following terms in your keywords:Drs Riddes tips:I recommend that you add keywords that will stand out from the rest of your description.

These can be “clinical,” “surgical,” or even “general.”

Also, Dr D.

Riddells notes that a lot of students are using keywords like “diagnosis,” “disease,” and “clinical.”

He advises students to avoid using any words that have a negative connotation, as they may be seen as derogatory.

Dr James Riddlts tips to use appropriate keywords:If your portfolio does not include enough keywords, it may be difficult to understand your portfolio without them.

For students who don’t have the time or ability to research their keywords, Riddllts tips provides the following tips:Make use of all the keywords that are relevant to the field in which you work.

Dr David Riddls tips:In addition to keywords that make sense, you also need to include the words that make your portfolio look professional.

For clinical, research, and technologist, Dr Chris Riddlels tips, you need to use phrases like “covid-related,” “infectious disease,” and so on.

For the sake, you are also looking for the phrases, “clinical” and “surgically related.”

Dr Ricklts Tips to include relevant terms:You should include the following in your keyword: “clinical


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