When you’re reading and writing well in 4th graders: Study skills test question guide

  • June 7, 2021

A 4th-grade study skills test that helps students improve their vocabulary and grammar skills is one of the topics that the Colorado Department of Education is launching this year.

The state has been working to make its public schools more accessible for students with disabilities since 2015.

But the new test, which is designed to measure student’s understanding of concepts, is the first of its kind in the U.S. to target students who have disabilities.

Here are the key points of the new study skills question: What is the most important concept in reading and reading comprehension?

This question asks students to identify two words that they use often in reading.

Which one is the “most important concept” is determined by the number of times the word appears in their reading comprehension tests.

This concept should be used to help them to better understand the content of a lesson.

What is a vocabulary word that you should use frequently in your reading comprehension test?

These questions ask students to choose two words they frequently use in reading comprehension: “read” and “learn.”

How often do you use the word “learn?”

Which word is most frequently used in reading, or learning?

These tests assess students’ knowledge of the content, vocabulary, grammar, and spelling.

Are you able to read and write fluently?

These question assess students to ask how often they are able to understand a passage of text or to recall a sentence.

Are students able to use this vocabulary correctly?

The word “reading” is used twice in this section of the study skills.

Are they able to identify the correct spelling of the word?

This test is designed for students to read a passage and then ask how they can correctly spell it.

Are there any mistakes that students can make?

These are questions that ask students how often students are able at least three words that are similar in meaning.

What questions should students be careful about in this test?

This section asks students questions about their vocabulary, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Are these words the same in English and Spanish?

All four languages have different words that students are asked to identify.

For example, in Spanish, you will be asked how you pronounce the word.

If you are not fluent in both, the student is not allowed to make any mistakes.

Are the answers for these questions correct?

If students are confident in their answer, they can take the next two questions.

Are each of these questions specific to a student’s learning style?

This is a question about reading and learning, not vocabulary.

It asks students how they learned a word.

What are the two main problems students often encounter when they try to read or write?

This includes trying to remember a word, and trying to identify what word is being said.

Are all four of these problems addressed in the new 4th Grade Reading Skills Study Skills Question?

If so, they are listed in the questions.

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The DSEE says the new program aims to help students understand and improve their


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