The top 6 NFL skill positions study skills

  • October 9, 2021

Learn to read, write and analyze football documents and play video games.

This study is about your game.


QB: Find out what a quarterback is all about.

The game is more than the position.

We all want to play that quarterback position.


RB: Learn to run a complex game plan.

Learn how to set up your offense, defend the line of scrimmage and make the tough catches.


WR: Learn how an athlete works and makes plays.

You’ll be able to put the ball in the right spot and make plays with precision.


WR/TE: Know the basics of tight ends and receivers.

You can take your game to another level and improve your accuracy and route running.


OL: Know how to defend your position and how to move your body.


OLB: Learn about how to cover your man and cover routes.


DE: Know about the defensive front and how it works.


OL and DE: Learn the fundamentals of tackling and tackling techniques.


LB: Understand how to use your strength and speed to get around and make tackles.


CB: Learn more about the cornerback position and the importance of staying in the box.


Safety: Learn basic cover skills and how they can make plays in the middle of the field.


Kicker: Learn what it takes to kick the ball and what the importance is of hitting the open field.


Long Snapper: Learn all about the position and learn how to play it well.


Punter: Learn from the best punters around the world and how you can improve your technique.


Defensive Tackle: Learn basics of the defensive tackle position and find out what it is like to be on the field in practice.


Outside Linebacker: Learn different techniques and tactics for the outside linebacker position.


Outside Cornerback: Learn everything about the inside cornerback position.


Linebacker/Sack: Learn some different techniques for different roles.


Safety/Kicker: Learn every part of the safety position and get the basics down.


Linebackers: Learn new tactics and techniques for the position as well as the fundamentals.


Cornerback/Skipper: Learn your responsibilities as a corner and get to know your position better.


Safety – Kicking: Learn skills and tactics to kick it and make your kickoffs count.


Safety and Kicker – Tackling: Learn technique for the safety role and get a good feel for your position.


Safety, Kicker, Linebacker – Safety – Tacking: Learn fundamentals of the position, getting to know how you work and how your skills can make a difference.


Linebacks/Sacks: Learn concepts for the backside of the defense and get more in depth on the defensive side.


Line-up Play-by-Play: Learn when to bring the ball, what to look for and how defenses prepare to tackle you.


Kickers – Know when to throw and when to pull the trigger.


Tacklers – Know how a kicker can make his mark on the game.


Tacks – Know what to do on the offensive line.


Kick Returner – Know the rules of the game and how a returner works.


Kick Off – Know all the rules and techniques to make a winning kick off.


Tackle – Know where to be and when you should be on defense.


Kickoff: Know where your team is at and when it matters most.


Tackle & Tackle – Tackle, Pass and Kick return.


Tapper – Learn the game of the NFL and get better at your job.


Line Tackle – Learn how a line tackle works and how he helps his team win.


Corner Back – Know about how the corner can be the difference in a game.


Corner – Know more about how corners help their team win and how coaches can use them.


Cornerbacks – Know everything about cornerbacks.


Safety- Kicking – Know which safety to go to in coverage and what to run when you need to. 41.

Safety & Kicker- Tackles – Know a few things about the safety and kick return.


Safety Safety & Line Tackle Safety & Tackle Safety – Safety Safety – Line Tackle & Line Backer Safety – Kicker Safety & Tackler Safety – Cornerback Safety & Guard Safety – Defensive Tackle Safety- Linebacker Safety – Outside Lineback Safety- Cornerback – Kickoff – Kick Off Return – Linebacker Safety- Kickoff Return – Tackle – Safety-Tackle – Safety Returner-Tackler-Guard-Guard Safety-Safety-Tacks-Targets-Sack Tackle – Tapper-Lineback Safety -Tackles-TACKTacktack-Tight End-Tocker Safety – Guard Safety- Safety –


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